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The Secret Garden...?
secretgarden, love, Spuffy
First of all, I love Jo Chen art sooo much! and this one is amazing beautiful!
But only one thing what I can’t accept is this art is NOT SPUFFY!!! lol
Jo Chen art for BtVS S8 comics cover

I thought “I love Spuffy forever! I try to draw of Spuffy fanart affected by this beautiful art.”
Then I done this.
I know it's not well. but I try my best (^-^)!

 Buffy & Spike

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I like the different dynamics Buffy'n'Spike have in your art (as opposed to the original). Smiling and laughing is so much more healthy than spacefrakking the world out of existence. ;-)

Thank you! I'm happy your comment.

I agree with norwie2010!

I think you are doing a great job with your Spuffy art - unless you have tried doing portraiture, I don't think you can appreciate how very difficult it is. I have been trying to do portraits and studies of Buffy and Spike for years now and have been pleased with only a few of my efforts. But as you stated, you just keep trying to do your best.

Beautiful picture! And yeah, you're right - I love that picture of Jo Chen, but there is one bad thing about - it's not Spuffy! LOL

Thanks to all of you! All comment encourages me.

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